Articles & Books


Food Was her Country: The Memoir of a Queer Daughter

Caitlin Press Sept 2018

Feeling Canadian: Television, Nationalism, Affect

Wilfrid Laurier University Press 2010

Comfort Food for Breakups: The Memoir of a Hungry Girl Arsenal Pulp Press 2007

The Children of Mary

Inanna Publications 2006

Halfway to the East

Lazara Press 1999

The Woman Who Loved Airports

Press Gang 1996

Links to some of my recently published articles:

 “Big Affect: The Ephemeral Archive of Second Wave Feminist Video Collectives in Canada” Camera Obscura 93: Feminism, Culture & Media Studies 31:3. 2016. Print.

“Old Homophobia is Rising Again in the US”, NOW Magazine, June 15 2016.

"Bringing Back Memory" in Grekul & Ledohowski eds., Unbound: Ukrainian Canadians Writing Home,  U Toronto Press 2016

Bociurklw, Marusya (2014) “Meet the New Ukraine: Feminist and LGBT Activists Building Civil Society”,, June 2014.

Bociurklw, Marusya (2014) “Apple Cake, LGBT Refugees & The War in Ukraine”  Daily Xtra! November 2014