"My parents were born in a country whose name means “border”. The nationality of their passports and even the names of their birthplaces changed several times in one century, the border shrinking and expanding...My artistic practice – a body of interdisciplinary work spanning 6 books and 9 films, at the intersection of queer, feminist and race theory - has always been premised on the condition of being a diasporic subject, with all the possibilities and contradictions of living in a psychic borderland."

Marusya Bociurkiw is an author, filmmaker, and professor. She has been producing films and videos in Canada for the past 25 years and those works have screened at film festivals and in cinemas on several continents. She has written six books, including the novel The Children of Mary, and the award-winning food memoir Comfort Food for Breakups,which was also shortlisted for the prestigious Lambda and Kobzar awards. More recently, her creative non-fiction entry, “A Girl, Waiting”, was a finalist for CBC’s 2015 Canada Writes award. She has made 10 films including her latest, This Is Gay Propaganda: LGBT Rights & the War in Ukraine, a feature documentary about a people’s revolution – Euromaidan -  and its aftermath, seen through the eyes of feminist and LGBT activists in Ukraine.


She is Associate Professor of Media Theory at Ryerson University, and Director of The Studio for Media Activism and Critical Thought.  Bociurkiw teaches courses on news and current affairs theory, social justice media, and gender/sexuality/race theory in relation to time-based and digital media storytelling.