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Marusya Bociurkiw

Artist. Activist. Academic.

What's Happening...

Like so many artists and academics during the pandemic, my travel, touring and conference-ing are on  pause. Please join me online as I reflect upon the political meanings of the pandemic, the global uprising against racism, and the burgeoning slow food movement in kitchens everywhere.

Recipes for Trouble: A Pandemic Food Diary

Those of us with the privilege to have a home, a kitchen, and  resources to buy food, have been cooking up a storm. There is a slow food movement happening in our homes and gardens, transforming the ways that we think about food. There is also a global revolution against police violence. How does food connect us to the larger, bloody, gasping world?

"Social Justice The Curve" Blog

This is the blog for The Studio for Media Activism & Critical Thought. Check out "Twenty-One Seconds of Silence: on White Privilege, Accountability & Action" by me,  "The Wealth Gap Existed Long Before Covid 19",  a short race history of Canadian pandemics by Dr. Cheryl Thompson, and more.






Co-Director of The Studio for Media Activism & Critical Thought. Intersectional feminism, queer/race theory, digital media, artivism,media activism in the academy, collaborating with students, artists and academics. 

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